Will I Go To Med School:

A Decision-Based Simulation Game


Project Overview

What will I be doing after college?

This is a questions every college attendee frequently asks him/herself throughout college. I attended Emory University, which is located in Atlanta, GA, known for its accomplishments in various discipline but especially medicine. A lot of my peers study pre-med and aspire to become a doctor one day. “Medical School” is one of the topic frequently discussed in my social circle since day 1. However, not everyone is suited to pursue a career in medicine after all. A lot of people switch course half way, and many change their career path after college. I personally witnessed a lot of success, failures, frustration, confusion, and self-exploration. The message I want to relay to people who share the same confusion is that, no matter what decisions you make in college, they are only a small fraction of your long life. In the end, you will always end up where you are meant to be.

The goal of this project is to create a simulation of a complex real-life system, The simulation features multiple variables, actions, and outcomes. The game encourages reply as the outcomes are determined by the player’s actions on each stage of the game.From the point-of-view of a college freshman, the player has to make several major decisions that will determine the outcome of his academic career. Don’t worry, a few bad decisions will not throw you off, just like in real college life, you always have a second chance to make it up!

This is an individual project. I designed and implemented the game in using HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and hand-drew all the illustrations throughout the game.

Game Flow Chart

Project 2 Flow Chart

Future Improvements

• Global Events that will affect all 3 game outcomes
• Extra credits/bonus during game play
• Options to take semester off or transfer to another institution
• Virtual village
• Avatars for individual players

Game Walkthrough

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