The Alderwood Times


Project Overview

“The Alderwood Times” is a visual data analytics tool for a textual document sense-making task. The raw dataset include 243 raw text files with a wide range of topics including obituaries, sports, and city council announcement in a town named Alderwood. We developed a web-app by using entities extractor, re-organizing, sorting through information including document sentiment, locations, names, dates, types of events, etc. from all 243 text documents.

Our tool will present the dataset in a newspaper metaphor that categorizes the dataset by months and trends. The user can interact with the interface and gain insight into what is happening throughout the year of 2004 in Alderwood.


Software and Language

Restful API, PHP,AngularJS, Aylien API



John Hinkel, Andrew Nelson,Ning Yan


Sketch and Low-Fidelity Prototype


The Alderwood Times
alderwood times template-01


Design Rationale & Process

user case scenario
visual metaphor
design decision
front end implementation


Interactive Prototype Walkthrough