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In 2015 I joined the Ivan Allen College within Georgia Tech Dean’s Office, working primarily under the IAC communication sector. I served as a Graduate Research Assistant for the Dean’s Office, designing for the IAC website, social media, and various digital and print collateral.

I positioned myself with a multifaceted role across different functions within the College, including graphic design, web design, visual design, photography, user experience design, and database maintenance. For example, I hand-picked and retouched photos for the IAC website, customized and produced layout of individual pages, and spearheaded the research process on the IAC branding.



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Ivan Allen College Re-branding

During Spring 2016, the College underwent a series of re-branding exercises. The Dean was not satisfied with the design options presented by Georgia Tech. We decided to take on the task ourselves to rebrand the distinctive identity of a liberal arts college within the overall Georgia Tech culture. We define Ivan Allen College as unconventional, relevant, and impactful in our technology-driven and interconnected world.We are human-centered, innovative, and entrepreneurial. We are deliberately interdisciplinary in thought and action.Our work in research, education, and public engagement is problem-focused and solution-oriented.
We connect knowledge, experience, and interests in local and global contexts and across time.

In sum, we are creativity and innovation that uses both the right brain and the left, the head and the heart. The brand image should engage to students (BS, MS, PHD) and faculty at a Research Institution. The brand should align with our current website, and convey key points including:

1. Innovation at the crossroads of humanities, social sciences, and technology
2. Unconventional, this is something different, cutting edge
3. Human/People-centric
4. Strongly connected to our communities, locally, regionally, nationally


The personality of the brand should be analytical, complex problem solvers. We bridge technical and non-technical realms. We care and concern about people. We are creative, driven, hard-working, smart, science and tech savvy.

To carry out the brand image in the most accurate and creative way, I conducted a series of research work on the visual and photographic style. The brand image should be modern, sharp, and human-centric. I also studied the best locations to carry out the photo shoot on campus, and directed the photo shoot with the photographer.


Ideation for Instagram Campaign

The team brainstormed on a variety of idea to launch Ivan Allen College’s Instagram campaign. Here is a list of all the ideas we came up with during a brain storm session.

IAC instagram ideation