Project Overview

My Role

Visual Design, Web Design, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Research


The user group for this website is anyone who want to dig deeper into this topic but cannot find sufficient resources on the Web, and, most importantly, sex trafficking victims.

Comparative Analysis

To find out the optimal choices for website features, I did in-depth research on the features, pros and consof existing systems that cover this topic, including YouTube, CNN, various forums, and UNODC Human Trafficking Case Law Database . Below is a comparative analysis chart that summarizes my findings.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 1.52.09 AM

Low-Fidelity Prototype I

In the initial prototype, I was planning to re-design the website for UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) Human Trafficking Case Law Database(link).

I wanted to increase the usability of the data base by building an interactive interface that visualizes the scale, demographics, and trend of global human trafficking based on the available data. You can view the entire prototype walkthrough here.


Low-Fidelity Prototype I Feedback

I conducted cognitive walkthrough sessions with several people on Prototype I, and here is a summary of the feedback:

1. Filters for maps don’t need to be included on individual law case pages
2. Bubble maps might be too crowded if there are too many law cases
3. Change some filters, such as country filters, to pop-up windows
4. Checkboxes are misleading
5. Lawsuit cases are efficient placed in drop-down menu
6. The interface is overly complicated
7. It is not sure if people can choose multiple options
8. Types of visualization need to be reduced on a single page
9. Make another landing page that explains the project scope and says “click here to begin”

Low-Fidelity Prototype II

During my second iteration, I decided that a redesign of the UNODC database is too narrow for the scope of this topic. Therefore, I decided to make a website that would achieve the following goals:
• News articles on this topic are scattered all over internet
• Examine contradictory facts and crimes facilitated by postings on Backpage and Craigslists although the 2 sites claimed to be acitvely “fighting against” sexual exploitation.
• Help users the chronological order of Backpage and Craigslist’s efforts in response to their sandals.
• Gather encyclopedic information on videos, news footages, and documentaries related to this topic

Prototype 2 Demo

Final Design

The website serves the purpose of educating the public about sex trafficking conducted through the internet, mainly through Craigslist and Backpage, the 2 biggest classified ads websites involved with sex trafficking. I hope to gather as many news and stories of various digital medium that are currently scattered all over the internet. I also want to show the role of classified ads in Internet Sex crime in a chronological order.

The website has 3 major parts: intro, news timeline, and video. The user can navigate the timeline chronologically using different filters which I will later elaborate on. You can also zoom in and out to see different levels of granularity. I gathered my data from various news sources such as CNN, NBC, the New York Times, as well as YouTube, and database such as the UN Office of Drug and Crime Case Law Database.

In terms of future development of the website, I hope to enrich the contents by incorporating more news articles and videos, and even automate that process if possible. I would like to develop a function that automatically crawls and retrieves the internet for relevant information. I also want enable the users to share their stories anonymously through an online forum, and to enlarge social media presence through Twitter API and other social media APIs.

*If the video does not work, you can view a detailed walkthrough of the website here

Future Improvements

1. More Contents to be added.