Project Overview

During my 2015 summer internship at Cox Communications, I joined the Cox Digital Experience team to help them design and develop a digital style guide that can be used across all aspects of business, like Lego pieces. The new digital style guide should maintain governance on the overall look and feel of Cox’s brand, and control consumer experience across platforms.

The Problem

The digital style guide initiative started in October 2014, where various functions at Cox realized the design-development cycle was taking too long. The UX team started collection design materials and information in Dropbox, which was the early model for a centralized style guide. The development team and design team are not communicating efficiently to update each other on their design process. In the design team, there is a overall lack of understanding of the development process. Designers expect the final product to look and feel exactly like their mockups, which don’t always happen. Developers have a code base they update regularly and circulate within their team; designers have different versions of design mockups they share using a myriad of file sharing systems.

In addition, Cox was in the process of re-branding and shifting to a new CMS platform. A new digital style guide in the midst of this transformation stage is crucial.

“The development team is 1.5 months behind the design team.”

“There is a conundrum when the design team starts making changes before the development team start developing.”

“The book (the VI manual) is obsolete the moment it left the printer.”



The Process

final presentation.001

final presentation.002

final presentation.003

final presentation.004

final presentation.005

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final presentation.014



Final Presentation

My project was selected to be one of the Top 10 presentations out of all the interns during the summer semester. At the final intern presentation, I was able to pitch my projects in front of everyone at the one-day End-of-Semester Presentation. I even had the great honor to talk to out CEO, Patrick Esser at the presentation.


Below is the complete walkthrough of my final presentation:



My Summer at Cox