Goizueta Business School Course Advising System

Project Overview

This is a decision tool to advise Emory Goizueta BBA students on how to schedule their classes for the upcoming semesters, as well as suggest the courses they should take in the remaining semesters until graduation. At Goizueta, during course registration season, students are seen rushing to schedule last-minute appointments with their advisors.

These sessions are inefficient in a way that they are done purely on pen and paper. Advisors and students sit down in the office, and fill out a sheet of paper detailing what courses they have taken, and what courses they will be taking. Sometimes multiple forms have to be filled out because the student change course of study, and human mistakes are not 100% inevitable. The primary difficulties associated with class schedule decision is figuring out the timing of classes, choosing from several classes held at the same time, enrolling into courses which will fulfill graduation requirements, picking professors and securing courses only offered a particular semester, etc.

An Emory business student has a number of variables to consider when devising their semester’s schedule: concentration degree requirements, elective preferences, time preferences, number of credit hours, and much more that go into a scheduling decision. The tool’s interface takes inputs about the student’s various preferences, and the program generates several schedule options that the student can evaluate. This tool makes the process of creating an optimal class schedule much easier.

Instead of having to go back and forth from the online course registration system, and writing out various possibilities, our tool will consider all of the student’s constraints and provide options. Emory students only have less than a week of registration window to finalize their schedule for the semester. Sometimes, advisors wouldn’t find out about the students’ schedule

My Role

User Research, Interview, Interface Design, Front End Development, Data Collection


Monica Cho, Sonia Guzner, Susan Nguyen

Current System

Currently, the students and advisors have to fill out this sheet manually, detailing the students’ completed credit hours, majors in the Liberal Arts College (if any), business school majors and minors, core classes and electives, and classes the students plan to take, etc.

Then the students have to access Emory’s OPUS system to find the courses, find a desirable time slot, and register for the class. Many things could happen, including not finding the desired time slots, classes being filled up, overloading and under-loading.

BBA Flowchart

Simplified flow chart of BBA students course primary/secondary area depth course requirements

Goizueta Advising Sheet

The application requires the use of the evolutionary function of solver to identify various schedule options as well as a course advising plan. We assigned binary values to the core classes that the student needs to take. For core classes, we made the students rank their preferences they want to take. We used approximate match function to schedule for the classes because the classes might not necessarily fall within the time range the students provide. We made a Macro where the student clicks a button (F9) to refresh and get new schedules. Once they come upon a schedule they prefer, they can save that schedule by clicking the “save” button.


30-Second Pitch


The Complete Walkthrough