Google AdWords Online Marketing Challenge

Project Overview

During spring 2013, our team participated in the “Google Online Marketing Challenge”, a unique opportunity for students to experience and create online marketing campaigns using Google AdWords and Google+. With a $250 AdWords advertising budget provided by Google, we developed and ran an online advertising campaign for our chosen client,, over a three week period. is a reseller of limited edition and retro-style NBA player endorsed basketball sneakers. The website has a big number of returning customers, and a big following on social media.


Joy Chen, Pam Lim, Ray Moon, Susan Nguyen

Pre-Campaign Report

Before the launch of the Google AdWords campaign, we met with our client, the owner of to get familiar with the sneaker industry and the company. We also held several brainstorming sessions regarding the budget, timeline of the project, and the contents of the ad campaign. Download the pre-campaign report here.


The Campaign Process

Final Presentation
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Result and Findings

During the course of the campaigns, many changes took place. We learned that displayed ads were costly and less effective than regular ads. Also, the broad scope of the campaigns actually attracted many expensive clicks. Given the budget of $250, a few expensive campaigns had to be paused. We created an exclusive campaign for a new shoe releases, the Ewing. This campaign, in only a few days, generated 66 clicks out of 1,945 impressions, and achieved an overall CTR of 3.39%.

Another campaign was created for the Bugs Bunny shoe. The Bugs Bunny campaign had 16 clicks in the span of two days, but at a cost of $1.00 CPC. If there was more insight into how many of these clicks were converted into a sale, the client can calculate the return on investment for the $16.00 spent on that campaign. However, it is important to note that new shoe campaigns, although effective, can be more expensive.

In conclusion, an effective strategy was to create campaigns targeted at the new arrivals available on This proved to be effective as the competition for keywords in those categories had not yet increased as well as people are actively searching and clicking links for new releases. At the end of the campaign, it resulted in a CTR of 0.55%, average CPC of $0.74, and 345 clicks out of 63,154 impressions.

Download the post-campaign report here.